Trustworthy Sellers

We strive to create long lasting business relationship with our customers by partnering with trustworthy and reliable end sellers.

Reliable Tank Storage

We also partnered with top and active oil storage facility provider to make our customer's transaction easy and transparent.

Standard Specifications

Our products all meet up with the global specifications and of top standard from capable sellers.

Welcome to Gazneftetrade LLC

Back the idea of creating Gazservis for marketing petroleum products to the meeting on the importance of marketing and distribution of these products of all types in the local market due to the severity of her community needs and as a contributor to raise State revenue. It was able to provide the local market with all its requirements of petroleum products from various manufacturers, Gazservis is also a source of qualified and trained personnel in different areas of competence.

Our services are not only limited to being a direct Russian Refineries mandate but Oil and Gas Products Consultant, we help oil and Gas products Buyers make decisions, and we as well advise Buyers on the procument of their products. Gazneftetrade LLC, as of May 19th 2011 has become the Official and Papered Authorized Representative for sellers. This position allows us to act, speak and accept documents on behalf of the sellers.

Seller is a private entity that would like to remain out of our public announcements and press releases to avoid people trying to call directly. Buyers will ontain this information during a call and after validating their understanding of the new procedures and can comply in writing. We will be transparent in our approach upon the buyer understanding the information and can proceed forward. Seller has JP54, A-1, A-8, D-2, Crude and Mazut as the main products of opportunity.

Key Features

We are always looking for a long lasting relationship which is what made this company what it is today. Our clients have been involved with us for over 5 years. This is a comfort factor to most people seeking out assistance.

  • Trade facilitation service
  • Market strategy development
  • Target market and competition analysis
  • Corporate registration and introduction
  • Business proposal development
  • Russian financial, accounting, and legal advice
  • Sales plan implementation

We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts.