About Us

Gazneftetrade LLC established in Russian Federation and located in one of the best trading area in the Country. Our main commitment to our clients is to reduce risk of international business and we will handle everything from transportation and insurance, logistic to foreign currency payments. We absorb the risk of doing international business since we have managers and advisers with good knowledge of international trading laws and regulation. In financing we are always able to offer our overseas buyers the most creative and desirable financing options available, money of which are not available from manufacturers or other trading company directly.

The skilled negotiators and multi lingual staff familiar with different cultural behaviours and business negotiation styles which can introduce companies and their products and never allow their products accidently misrepresented. We can accept order from potential buyers and arrange for them their desired products which may not even included in our product list and in final stage send the cargo to any part of the world.

Throughout our long and successful history, we have developed an impeccable list of clients for whom we deliver the best. They deserve nothing less. We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly. We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.

We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first. And we’re not afraid to push the envelope or encourage restraint. We are only as good as the reputation of our clients, and we willingly put our own reputation on the line to ensure that they get as much out of the relationship as we do. We create integrated client teams to serve our clients and offer them value in a way no other can match. We are less geographic and more client-centred in our focus and efforts.

Our Mission

To be a leading trading company providing the best quality services, acting as a true agent of development. We diligently pursue the truth and knowledge inspired by our clients, values and guided by the well trained professional staff on their respective field of activity.

We inspire others in carrying out responsibilities that requires professionalism, resourcefulness and flexibility to satisfy their ultimate desire cause. As an institution of Trading, we assist in the formation of competent, creative and socially responsible leaders through our commitment to excellence in discovery, learning and service;

As a catalyst of social transformation, we provide quality services that empower others to become agents of change and a constellation of Manufacturers, strong in financial power and technology innovation.

Our Vission

To be the trading company of choice of the customers, principals, and investors through dedicated professionalism, therefore attracting the best employees.

Business Development 92%

Risk Management 82%

Global Trading 94%

Trustworthy Sellers

We strive to create long lasting business relationship with our customers by partnering with trustworthy and reliable end sellers.

Reliable Tank Storage

We also partnered with top and active oil storage facility provider to make our customer's transaction easy and transparent.

Standard Specifications

Our products all meet up with the global specifications and of top standard from capable sellers.